In-Depth Assessment of Current Development Program

This service is a prerequisite for most of our services as Billings Consulting Group believes we cannot properly advise you without first gaining an understanding of your current development program. During this assessment, we review the current year, and the four previous consecutive years of donor data and we interview your staff, organization leadership, select volunteers and/or board members. In preparation for this service, we ask that you prepare your donor data in a confidential form that allows us to review and analyze patterns of your donor activity. We will provide you with a spreadsheet template of our data analysis form in advance of the engagement. If you do not have access to the previous five years of donor data, we ask that you provide no less than the current and previous two years of donor data.

Deliverable: A written assessment of your development program that includes specific recommendations for enhancing your efforts and increasing your revenue. The assessment will also be placed into a PowerPoint presentation for your use.

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